About the Author


I’ve never written a book before. Nope, not one. There you have it. Although, I have been writing most of my life. Screenplays, poems, songs, essays. A few years ago I began to take it seriously, participating in a screenplay mentorship with a company at Paramount Studios. But life got in the way, and last year when that life crashed and burned, I booked a ticket to Europe and walked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago and I blogged about it.

Since then I’ve found that my writing resonated with many, made some people laugh, and even cry a little. So I’m turning my blog into a book- I’m heading back to Spain this summer to walk a few parts of the camino. I’ll be retracing some of my steps, meeting some new people, reflecting on where I’ve been between then and now, and adding some final “chapters” to my story. Around July 20th, I’ll blog “live” from Spain every night like I did last year. To subscribe to my new blog, click here or text “allroads” to 66866. You can read more about me and my writing at markwestwriter.com.

In addition to All Roads Lead Home, I’ve written a young reader book called “Althea and the BIG IDEA, about creativity and where ideas come from. I didn’t set out to write it, the story was simply with me one morning when I woke up, so I jotted it down and have developed it off and on over the previous year and a half. More information about Althea can be found at Althea’s (cause everyone has to have a website these days!) website.

I’ve also written a few children’s stories (I’m still one at heart, and read my share of children’s books while helping raise my now 13 year old daughter) whose goal is to provide traditional life lessons in a contemporary setting. These stories can be read at my medium blog. Other writings can be found there too.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or recipes for pizza dough (I’ve never been able to get the constancy right). Thank’s for listening to my story.


Likes: humans, love, dogs, wine, running, learning, pizza, cats, friends, rivers, brothers, sunscreen, innocence, symbols, Uniball pens, music, MacBook Air, Seattle, poetry, photography, cheese, mountains, sound advice, new car smell, hummus, gratitude, Springsteen, afternoon light, eyes, maps, cool graphics, creative people, Santa Ana winds, that little place up on the California coast overlooking the ocean, beautiful noise, Macaroni and Cheese, being alive.